"Wing-cat" is the name given by Ratha to a sentient species of flying felines seen in Ratha's Island. They're noteworthy for being the second sentient species known in Ratha's world (after the Dinaelurus illumina sapiens).


As most of the inhabitants met by Ratha in the island, the wing-cats followed a different evolutionary path and evolved six limbs. Their bodies resemble the size and the feline features of the Named, however they have a pair of wings. They also have very long ears and eyes with horizontal iris. Wing-cats shown of being carnivores and flying is probably a key element of their hunting techniques: they usually take off from cliffs because needs open strips for run if they're forced to fly away from open ground. Adults have pelts of different colors as the Named.


Despite key differences with the Named, Ratha quickly realized how their eyes shown the same brightness proper of sentient species. Attempts to vocal communication failed because Wing-cat use a vast amount of sounds incomprehensible for the Named, yet a bond can be formed through mutual realization of being close another sentient being. To Ratha's knowledge, the only wing-cats known by her are a couple of adults and their only daughter. The cub, (named "Click" by Ratha, due the sounds issued), displayed curiosity, affection and friendship to Ratha and her parents have shown gratitude. It's unknown if the wing-cats lives in couples or if there is some larger colony with an organization: at the end of Ratha's Island, Ratha hypothesized that the wing-cats could have left the island (devastated by volcanic eruptions) and have formed a "colony".


Studies of the wing-cat by viergacht. Clare Bell was positive toward the beak-mouth, but paws are said to be more cheetah-like for running.

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