Chapter 1

In a secluded place in the forest a lone three horn was feeding. His horns were full and his fur shined in the morning sun. In the bushes moved something and he perked his head up. His ears twitching and his fur twitching with the thought of running. When he saw that nothing was there he lowered his head.

But out in the bushes shone two glimmering pink eyes. The pair of eyes watched and when the time was right they moved out of view. 

Through the bushes white fur came into view and so did the big muscles and agile tail. The cat was big and can easily kill a tasty Three-horn.

Suddenly the Three-horn gave a loud cry and flicked up and down with a white blob of furn on its back. But the cat held on to the scampering Three-horn's back. Soon once the cat got a grip it dug its teeth into the Three-horn's neck. 

"OW!" The Three-horn yelled and the cat took her jaws off of its neck and lifted her head back in surprise. "You play somewhere else." Suddenly the cat got knocked off of the Three-horn and plummeted to the ground. 

A white female cub looked up to her mother with a sad look in her eyes. "But mom! There was a Three-horn and I was gonna kill it!"

"Well that Three-horn was my tail... Instead go play with your siblings." The cub turned to her siblings and saw that they were vicously fighting. She lowered her ears and approched them with her tail held high. "Hey!" She purred at them. The two were shocked and stared at her. "Let's play!" She said and tackled a nearby leaf. "This is a mouse! Let's imagine you are a Clan cat and we're all raiders." 

Somehow the two looked at each other and started growling and wrestling together. 

The white cub looked sadly at her siblings and back to her mother. Why weren't they listening to her? 'Or even showing some understanding? 

"Mom?" The white furred cub went to her grooming mother.