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The Red Tongue, the Named's word for fire, was an element introduced to the Named by Ratha. In Ratha's Creature, fire was feared by the clan; it burned and killed, injuring Named and herd-beasts alike.

After a horrible fire that destroyed much of the clan territory, Ratha became intrigued by a baby Red Tongue she encountered. She saw that she could feed it and cause it to grow or shrink, leading her to liken it to a living creature. She was the first to tame fire.

Thakur and Fessran were not pleased, but Fessran soon learned how to tame the Red Tongue thanks to Ratha. Thakur refused to learn, and Meoran feared it when Ratha attempted to introduce him to flames. He instead banished her from clan ground. When she returned from the Un-Named, she killed the tyrannical Meoran with fire.

In Clan Ground, Shongshar used the Red Tongue to control Named cats. They began to worship fire, but Ratha trained her Firekeepers not to treat it as an object of reverence.

Thakur soon realized that a Treeling's opposable hands were extremely adept at handling the Red Tongue. The small creatures were able to carry burning torches and light new fires, making them a great asset to the named.

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