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Cover of The Jaguar Princess

The Jaguar Princess is a stand-alone novel wrote by Clare Bell and published in 1994.

It's unrelated with the Saga of the Named but bears few common traits.

Similarities with the Saga of the Named Edit

The protagonist Mixcati is an human girl with the ability to shape-shifter into a Jaguar, the larger living feline predators in South America. The Saga of the Named share the fact of having as protagonists fantasy large felines (Dinaelurus illumina sapiens) inspired from extinct species living in the North American continent.

Plot Edit

Mixcati's people are descended from the Olmec Jaguar Gods and she is fated for great things-both wonderful and dangerous. She can, unexpectedly and without warning, turn into a living, wild Jaguar, just as her ancestors have done since time immemorial. Once stolen into slavery, she must struggle to survive and to learn to fulfill her destiny in an Aztec culture that understands her strength, fears her power and wants her dead. She must face destruction at their hands-or come into her true power as The Jaguar Princess.

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