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Species: Dinaelurus illumina sapiens

(Named cross)

Gender: Male
Pelt Color: copper
Current: Named Clan
Past: Named Clan
Current: Herding teacher
Past: Herder

Mated with:


Reshara(mother), Reshara's mate(father), Bonechewer(brother)


(future litter?)

Book Appearances: All series
Status: Alive

Thakur (also known as Thakur Torn-claw) is one of the main characters and a co-protagonist of the series, with a number of chapters of the series focused on his point of view. He's the litter-brother of Bonechewer and both are sons of Reshara and an unknown Un-Named sentient male. He's the Clan's herding teacher and Ratha's closest friend and helper. He is very wise, with healing techniques and also acts as a "medicine tom," as it were. Wise, patient and rarely ever losing his temper gives Ratha reason to lean on him in her numerous times of doubt and advice. His curiosity and intelligence leads him to explore and investigate things the Clan normally wouldn't concern themselves with, which oftentimes result in benefiting the Clan, such as the introduction of pet treelings in Clan Ground being the first to take one of them as companion, Aree.


Thakur has a lean body, with dark copper fur and pale highlights. His eyes are bright green. In Ratha's Creature, after blocking Meoran's attack on Ratha, he bares puncture marks around his neck. He looks very similar to his brother, Bonechewer except for the eyes and a very faint change of scent.


Ratha's Creature To be continued...

Clan GroundEdit

To be continued...

Ratha and Thistle-ChaserEdit

To be continued...

Ratha's ChallengeEdit

To be continued...

Ratha's CourageEdit

To be continued...


"He began to sense that the gift of language was not entirely a gift, that it took something in return as payment. Words and thoughts controlled the way he saw things, coloring his actions and feelings at the price of raw clarity and the intensity of the moment. Was this the way those whom the clan called the Un-Named saw and felt? Did those eyes that looked so dull at times actually looked out upon the world with a perception perhaps narrowed, but much keener that his own?"

-Thakur's emphany of spoken language in Ratha and Thistle-chaser , page 97


  • Thakur's added on name "Torn-claw" appears mainly in the first book when Meoran was clan leader and he was the black sheep of the Clan since his mother Reshara mated with an Un-Named cat and birthed him and his brother Bonechewer. It serves as an insult rather than an actual last name, considering how no other clan members' names follow the same pattern: the origin of the appellative was because Meoran himself wounded the right forepaw of Thakur (then still a cub) shortly after having killed his father, tearing away some of the claws.
  • Thakur means "teacher" in Bengali and is actually used as a first and last name. His name is pronounced "Tah-koor," rather than the phonic, popular version "Thhah-cur."
  • It is revealed during a conversation with Yaran that Thakur was a three-year-old by the time Ratha was a yearling.
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Character reference for Thakur as will be featured in the graphic novel

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