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Species: Dinaelurus illumina sapiens (Named)
Gender: Male
Pelt Color: Unknown
Current: Named Clan
Past: Named Clan
Current: Herder
Past: -
Unknown Unknown
Book Appearances: Ratha's Creature
Status: Unknown (presumedly dead)

Tevran is a very minor character in the series. He is Named and herder and briefly appeared in Ratha's Creature.


He is described as an older male with scars and broken teeth.


Ratha's CreatureEdit

Tervan is introduced as a herder arriving in the meadow after the first wave of the Un-Named raid along with Srass and Gare. After Srass reports how bold the Un-Named are becoming, he mutters that raiders are willing to kill the Named out of hate, to which he reminds him of clan leader Meoran's words of the raider's stupidity, and he mumbles that beasts can still hate before Ratha and Thakur leaves.


Ratha: "I thought the Un-Named only killed herdbeasts."

Srass: "They kill anyone who is of the clan. They hate us."

"Yarr, Srass, you speak as if the Un-Named had wit enought to hate us. Has Meoran not said that those who are Un-Named and clanless are beasts no less so than the ones we herd?"

~Tervan about the Un-Named in Ratha's Creature, pages 29


  • It's unknown if he survived or was more likely to be one of the many victims during the conflict with the Un-Named ones in Ratha's Creature. 
  • In the exchange between Ratha, Thakur and the other three herders, Gare, Srass and Tevran, Thakur mutters an insult on Tevarn in hopes of his tail getting chewed off and all his fur falling out. This is most likely a misprint because in the encounter, Srass calls him "Thakur Torn-Claw" twice, Gare referred to him as "Torn-Claw" once, and Tevran hadn't exchanged any words with him other than with Srass. The insult was practically unwarranted. 

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