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Species: Dinaelurus illumina sapiens (Named)
Gender: Female
Pelt Color: Unknown
Current: Named Clan
Past: Named Clan
Current: None (under Meoran's rule)
Past: -
Mother Drani
Book Appearances: Ratha's Creature
Status: Unknown (presumedly dead)
Singra is an extremey minor character in the series. She is the daughter of Drani and is just briefly mentioned in Ratha's Creature.


Description Unknown.


Ratha's CreatureEdit

She is only mentioned by Fessran as daughter of Drani, she seemed to have the same talent of Ratha for herding but both her father and Meoran prevented her to be trained. She's said to have been prevented joining the ranks of the students for two seasons (meaning she's two years old) and that was growing fat and soft.

She's not mentioned again in the series and is possible she was one of the many victims of the winter raid of the Un-Named ones


"Drani's daughter, Singra, has the same talent as Ratha. But her father forbade it and Meoran said he would chew my ears if I taught my art to any cubs except the ones he selected. And Singra was not among the ones chosen last season or this season. Now it is too late and she grows soft and fat. Yarr!"

~Fessran to Thakur describing Singra in Ratha's Creature, page 18

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