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Species: Dinaelurus illumina sapiens

(Un-Named but with will)

Gender: Male
Pelt Color: Silver
Current: Named Clan (officially),


Past: Un-Named
Current: Leader (briefly)
Past: Firekeeper, Loner
Mated With:
a male and female
Mishanti, others
Book Appearances: Clan Ground
Status: Deceased (killed by Ratha)

Shongshar (also known as Orange Eyes) is a major character introduced into the series. He's a mysterious character, a sentient Un-Named, that join the Clan and play a key role in the events of Clan Ground

Appearance Edit

Shongshar is noted to look somewhat odd compared to those of the clan. His forelegs are longer and more powerful than most Named cats. His chest is deeper, and his back slightly slopes downwards to his tail. He is said to be large and more muscular than most, and he's noted to have a muscular neck and shoulders. The book also states that he has grey fur.

History Edit

Clan GroundEdit

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 4.41.26 PM

Shongshar in the Cover

In Clan Ground, he arrives to the clan begging, half-dead, to join them. Clan leader Ratha, intrigued by his intelligence and as he stood his ground and Ratha let him join the Named and later nicknames him Orange-eyes. Ratha had her fears about Orange-Eyes and later Fessran wanted Orange-Eyes to become a Fire Keeper. Ratha and Thakur had their fears, but later the agreement was that Orange-Eyes couldn't have cubs that had no light in their eyes.

When Bristlemanes attacked the herdbeasts, Orange-Eyes fought back and they then named him Shongshar because of Cherfan's cub which was killed by the Un-Named Raiders. This was Fessran's idea to bring new life to the clan and this was Fessran's idea to bring new life to the clan. After the cubs he sired with Bira fail Ratha's test, seeing he is only capable of producing witless young, they are taken away and he shifts into an unforeseen threat. By using Ratha's own creature, the Red Tongue, and manipulating the power it held over her people, Shongshar overthrows her and becomes a tyrannical leader. To show his power the Named danced in front of the fire thinking that they are worshiping the fire, but Shongshar's commands. With the help of Thakur, Fessran, Bira and the Treelings , Ratha later kills him and takes her position back as leader of the Named.

Quotes Edit

"Let it die and give this den back to darkness. It is better that we have nothing to crouch down before or nothing to dance to with wild joy. It is better that we of the Named turn our backs on something as great as this, for we are too weak to hold it within our jaws." -Shongshar convincing the Herders

Trivia Edit

  • In the Cover many would mistaken Shongshar as orange or brown because of the reflection of the fire, but the book clearly states that he has grey fur.

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