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Species: Dinaelurus illumina sapiens
Gender: Male
Pelt Color: Unknown
Current: Named
Past: Past affiliation(s)
Current: Herder
Past: Herder
Unknown Unknown
Book Appearances: Ratha's Creature, Clan Ground
Status: Dead (drowned)
Shoman is a minor character in the series. He is a senior Herder of the Named's herds. His father was killed by the Un-Named.


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Ratha's CreatureEdit

To be continued...

Clan GroundEdit

In Clan Ground, he is burned by a Red Tongue nest, foreseen as a bad omen, then with Bundi, is isolated by the Named that find them (but expecially Bundi) unworthy and to be kept away because they have both been rejected by the Red Tongue. This lead Shoman to attempt improving both their conditions and give their loyalty to the Firekeepers and the Red Tongue under Shongshar. Shoman is a victim of the during the downfall of Shongshar, being drown by the river that was diverted into the cave to estingish the Red Flame inside.



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