Reshara's mate is a mysterious and unknown character but whose actions played a great role in the past of important characters as his sons Bonechewer and Thakur. He is only mentioned in the series, but his actions played a large importance.

Reshara's mate
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Species: Dinaelurus illumina sapiens

(possibly Un-Named with will, or cross, or former song-hearer)

Gender: Male
Pelt Color: Probably black
Current: Un-Named or unaffiliated
Past: Unknown
Current: Loner
Past: Unknown
Mated with:



Bonechewer, Thakur

Book Appearances: mentioned in the series
Status: Deceased (killed by Meoran)

History Edit

He's believed to have been an Un-Named one, Reshara (a female of the Named) met him and the pair mated during her season. When Reshara had her cubs, she found herself in trouble because such mating were forbidden by the Named. During the brief time of raising her cubs, she's known to have revealed to Thakur the ancient past of the Clan. The current leader of the Clan (Baire) could have sentenced her to death but being a benign leader, agreed to allow the be exiled if she left behind the cubs. Reshara and his mate had different desires and she brought away Bonechewer (whose name at the time of his childhood is unknown). Reshara's mate attempted to recover also Thakur but Meoran was waiting for him and killed the Un-Named male. Thakur was left wounded and his mother never attempted to find again his lost son, raising alone Bonechewer until her death.

Speculation Edit

It's probable that Reshara's mate was black-pelted (an uncommon feature), because both his grandchildren Thistle-chaser and Night-who-eats-stars has such color on their pelt: and black pelt is absent among the colors displayed by Named ones.

It's also possible that he was a former member of the Hunter Tribe or maybe he was related with someone of the Tribe, because both his grandchildren are known to display the ability to perceive and plunge into the Song.

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