Ratha and Thistle-chaser
9780142409442 p0 v1 s260x420
Second edition cover
Author: Clare Bell
Publish Date: 1990
Identification: ISBN ###
Editions: Hardcover, paperback
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Book Cover Gallery: Gallery
Allegiances: Allegiances
Preceding: Clan Ground
Succeeding: Ratha's Challenge
"Mother against daughter..."

Ratha and Thistle-chaser is the third book in the Books of the Named series.


Drought has come to the prehistoric world of the Named. Under the leadership of the strong-willed Ratha, the clan of intelligent cats searches out new grazing land for the herdbeasts upon which their survival depends. Miles away, on the coast, a young wild cat battles desperately for her own survival. Rejected by the languageless unnamed cats, and lamed physically and emotionally by a cubhood trauma, Newt forges a symbiotic relationship with a group of docile sea mammals. When Thakur, a scout for the Named, discovers her, he is intrigued by her ingenuity and tenacity. He does not realize that Newt and Ratha have an unexpected bond. . . .


"Readers of fantasy who demand excellent craftsmanship, complex characters, a compelling plot and fresh insights into family and society will be more than satisfied with this powerful novel"

-School Library Journal


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