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Ratha challenge day 3 nightling by viergacht-d5rrc7q

The nightling is an Un-Named female character. She appears only in the first book of the series, as one of the council leaders of the Un-Named due to her possession of will.

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More Books

1) Ratha's Creature (1983)

2) Clan Ground (1984)

3) Ratha and Thistle-chaser (1990)

4) Ratha's Challenge (1991)

5) Ratha's Courage (2008)

6) Sixth Book (provisional name) (to be released)

Short Stories

Ratha's Island (2009)

Bonechewer's Legacy (2009)

The Twelve Trails of Christmas (2009) (not-canon)


Ratha's Creature (1988 short movie) (1988)

Ratha's Creature (graphic novel) (to be released on late 2018)

Non-Ratha works of Clare Bell

Ancient Tahiti series: Daughter of the Reef (1992), Sister of the Sky (1993?), Child of the Dawn (1994?)

Tomorrow's Sphinx (1986),

People of the Sky (1989),

The Jaguar Princess (1994)

(short stories):

The Hunting of Lord Etsalian's Daughter (into "Tales of the Witch World" second antology) The Damcat (into "Catfantastic" first antology), Bomber and the Bismarck (into "Catfantastic" second antology)

A Tangled Tahitian Tale (into "Catfantastic" third antology)

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