Ratha's Courage
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First edition cover
Author: Clare Bell
Publish Date: 2008
Identification: ISBN ###
Editions: Hard Cover
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Book Cover Gallery: Gallery
Allegiances: Allegiances
Preceding: Ratha's Challenge
Succeeding: Sixth Book
Ratha's Courage is the fifth and final book in the Books of the Named series.


Ratha and her clan, the Named, are sentient prehistoric big cats. In Ratha's Courage, the fifth book in the Named series, Ratha extends the use of the Red Tongue (fire) to a hunter tribe. One of the hunters ignites a blaze that sets off a devastating conflict between the two clans. Now Ratha must find the courage within herself to set it right. Ratha's Courage is the newest book in the popular "Named" series since 1994.


"The narrative oscillates between deep decription, world building-an amazing array of visuals, smells, and kinesthetic responses-and action, with some ruminative passages proving background. The characterization is successfully realized, rich in nuance, and alive with individual quirks and humor."



Coming soon.

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