Ratha challenge day 3 nightling by viergacht-d5rrc7q
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Species: Dinaelurus illumina sapiens

(Un-Named but with will)

Gender: Female
Pelt Color: Black
Current: Un-Named
Past: Un-Named (presumed)
Current: Council's member
Past: -
Mated With:

Possibly at least one

Possibly at least two sons

Book Appearances: Ratha's Creature
Status: Unknown
The nightling is an Un-Named female character. She appears only in the first book of the series, as one of the council leaders of the Un-Named due to her possession of will.


She is unique among her species for her black pelt, and is likely melanistic. Her eyes are a luminous green, and her face is narrow and ebony. Her willpower is what makes her a leader among the Un-Named.


Ratha's CreatureEdit

She makes her first appearance as when she is found crossing Bonechewer's territory. She is accompanied by two heavy, tawny, Un-named males which appear to act as her bodyguards. She speaks of a gathering place, and encourages Bonechewer to come along. She says he is needed for his gift of intelligence. He turns her down, and she threatens to make use of her brutes' teeth. She claims she was kidding, but warns that though it is his choice to use his gift, he would be wise to return to the clan and leave his territory to the Un-Named, since he would be betraying them. She leaves with her guards.

The nightling appears agian at the stone clearing where she tells Bonechewer that they were to meet among the stones-with-fangs. She snarls her witless guards away, and Bonechewer inquires why she doesn't find others worthy of her companionship. She replies that they are easy to command. She questions the presence of Ratha, since she is "too old to be of the last litters", and that she had never seen or smelled her before. Although Ratha confirms she has wit, the nightling seems unimpressed and urges Bonechewer to join the gathering of the council leaders.

She is later seen again during the meeting, and is notorious for being the only leader not openly hostile toward the Named. She is frequently appears at the pack's kills to feed along with the other leaders and Bonechewer, until the promise of warmer weather dissolves the pack and they return to their abandoned territories.


Nightling: "Away, cubs! I have no need of you until sunrise."

Bonchewer: "Why do you keep them, nightling? You are worthy of better companions."

Nightling: "If I wanted companions, I would choose others. The witless ones obey me and that is all I ask."

Bonechewer: "All you ask, nightling?"

Nightling: "There are certain things that wit or lack of wit does not affect, dweller-by-the-water. And you seem to have made a similar choice, for I have not heard your little female speak."

Ratha: "I can speak."

~Nightling in Ratha's Creature, page 155


  • From preliminary reference art about the Graphic Novel, it appears that her role as one of the leaders among the Un-Named will be expanded in the adaptation.
  • It's possible that the witless males who follow Nightling could be her sons, because she calls them "cubs" despite being adults.
Nightling model sheet for ratha graphic novel by rathacat-d6yf6ce

Graphic Novel version of Nightling (c) staff of wip graphic novel

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