The New Singer's group also known as New Singer's band (simply known as "renegades" among the Named), is an organized group of sentient Dinaelurus illumina sapiens that appears first in Ratha's Challenge. It's members are simply known as "renegades" by the Named but it's likely they consider themselves as song-hearer. The group has been originated from the gathering of exiles from the Face-tail Hunter Tribe and was then re-absorbed by the Tribe.

Organization and structureEdit

The group was created after the forced decision of True-of-voice of exiling all the young males of the tribe: following a deadly accident with fire caused by Night-who-eats-stars, a number of female hunters were killed and this caused a unbalance among the Tribe. New Singer rose as leader of the named and having inherited the gift of producing the song, he created his own song for his group. Lacking females, New Singer directed the group into an attack against the Named, with the intent of following the same old abandoned style of life of the Named self before the founding of the actual clan: attacking an establish group, killing the cubs and exiling the previous males. To win the reluctance of the females captured, New Singer had no scruple to make his fellows use an old technique to coerce the mating.


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