New Singer
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Species: Dinaelurus illumina sapiens (song-hearer)
Gender: Male
Pelt Color: Striped Dark Gray
Current: Hunters Tribe
Past: Hunters Tribe, New Singer's group
Current: Hunter
Past: "Singer" (leader of his faction of hunters)
Book Appearances: Ratha's Courage
Status: Alive
New Singer is the main antagonist in Ratha's Courage. He's one of the sons of True-of-voice and in the novel he briefly rise to power into a new faction known as the New Singer's group (or more commonly as "renegades").


He has been described has having a darker gray color then his sire, with faint vertical barring along his sides and black ringing his tail. He has white on his lower jaw, chest and feet. He's of large size, but is said to be not big as Cherfan when the two clash in battle.


Ratha's CourageEdit

New Singer was born shortly after the events of Ratha's Challenge, because his father at the time had lost his mate and had yet to have children. When Night-who-eats-stars wrongly uses the Red Tongue to help the nomadic group of face-tail hunters, a fire erupt and kills a group of female hunters. This leave the hunters tribe with an unbalanced large amount of young mature males and True-of-voice is forced to exile the young males from the group. Among the exiled there was also his son, and having inherited the same gift of the song, he started to produce his own song, rallying together the young males into a new faction. The young leader was named by his enemies after such event as "New Singer". New Singer's song was more "black" and obscure then the one of his father, showing the repressed feelings of the young males: such group is usually known as "renegades" by the Clan.

Following the teaching told by the song, New Singer adopted an old and abandoned strategy of life that has been in use among the Named before the foundation of the ancient clan: New Singer led a bloody attack against the Named, killing cubs and capturing the females of the Clan. Battling against the Named, New Singer show the incredible powers of the song: adapting quickly at each attack or strategy of the enemy and displaying each time the perfect counter-move. During the battle the hunters often rally together to protect him, but New Singer himself is involved in action, clashing against Cherfan (that's bigger and stronger) and needs the help of others to fend off such attack. To coerce the already naturally-prone females to mate (because the heat season was imminent), the New Singer's song instructed the young males to build the ancient "Mating circle" technique. Such technique is almost successful but the sudden final counter-attack of the Named using the rumblers and other heard-bests, defeat and drive away the renegades.

Later it's said that the remains of the renegades including New Singer himself are re-united with the tribe of his father. Despite the Clan brings heavy memories of his actions, his behavior is understood by Ratha as a matter of needs and instincts.

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