Ratha challenge day 10 narir and ratha by viergacht-d5t85cz - Copia
Made by viergachton DeviantArt
Species: Dinaelurus illumina sapiens (Named)
Gender: Female
Pelt Color: Unknown
Current: Named Clan
Past: Named Clan
Current: Herder (?)
Past: -
Book Appearances: Ratha's Creature
Status: Unknown (presumedly dead)
 Narir is an extremely minor character in the series. She is the mate of Yaran and the mother of Ratha.

Appearance Edit

Description unknown.

History Edit

Ratha's Creature

Not much is known about Narir. It is, however, said through Ratha's narration that she would scamper back to her the one time she dared disobey and that she a handful when she was a wee cub.
She is later mentioned after the Un-Named drive the clan out of their homes. Ratha hopes that Narir and Yaran have both escaped unharmed.

Quotes Edit

"Has Narir taught you no better trail-running than that? I thought a shambleclaw was coming through the bushes."

~Thakur scolding Ratha in Ratha's Creature , page 12

Trivia Edit

  • Narir is never physically introduced in the series. She is only heard of early in the first book.
  • It is presumed that she, along with other characters, were killed in either the forest fire or during the Un-Named winter raids. 
  • The lack of parenthood links and support toward Ratha may puzzle a reader at first: it's later shown in the following books how the Named has not great human-like feeling links toward their offspring (this is possible due to the fast growing of the cubs, parental affection it's still present (even if uncommon from the fathers) until the cubs are young. A friendly type of relationship it's however usually maintained from parents toward children.

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