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Species: Dinaelurus illumina sapiens (Named)
Gender: Male
Pelt Color: Dun colored
Current: Named Clan
Past: Named Clan
Current: Herder
Past: Scout (temporary missions)
Nyang, Chika, others
Book Appearances: Clan Ground, Ratha and Thistle-Chaser, Ratha's Challenge, Ratha's Courage
Status: Alive

Khushi was first introduced as a minor character but grew into a more major role in the series. He is the son of Fessran  and Cherfan alongside his brother, Nyang and sister, Chika. Khushi has shown to be impulsive, sometimes foolish, but always well-intentioned.

Appearance Edit

He has been described having dun-colored pelt (probably took after his father Cherfan).


Clan Ground Edit

Khushi is one of the three new-born cubs of Fessran (fathered by Cherfan) and while the two siblings were supposed to be trained as Firekeepers, Khushi (despite having shown more inclination as herder) is forced too to follow harsh lessons of taming and manage fire unbeknownst to Ratha.

Ratha and Thistle-Chaser Edit

Khushi is one of the young Named sent as scouts to find new beasts to be herded or useful place to gather the animals during difficult season: during his mission, Khushi is the first Named to have been in contact with the huge "Face-Tails".

He later stumbles upon and rescues an abandoned Un-Named cub. The young herder search and find the help of his own mother Fessran in caring the cub in secret.She named the cub Mishanti and Ratha suspects him of being grandchildren of Shongshar because of his features and the fact that mother's location wasn't far from the place where the Shongshar's cubs has been abandoned (alone but in relative safety). Ratha show surprise at the connection between Fessran and Khushi because usually the Named had little relationships with their children once they're grown. Khushi is later often seen again as scout for the Named, relaying messages and news from place to place.

Ratha's Challenge Edit

Khushi has a large role during the book, basically taking the position and role of his mother Fessran during the first meetings with the Face-Tail Hunter Tribe. As his mother, Khushi display a proud behavior sometimes eager to clash and battle. He's however less eager (probably due his age) to stress his opinion and argue directly with Ratha, his young age make him also a bit reckless. Without thinking at consequences, he attempted to take some of the Face-Tail meat from the abandoned carcasses while the hunters were mourning for True-of-voice, without thinking that this action could lead to an angry reaction of the hunters.

Ratha's Courage Edit

Khushi was the scout to report about the imminent attack of the renegades of New Singer: he was patrolling with another Named and they were ambushed by the enemy. Even if his comrade was killed and he remained alone, Khushi fought bravely and despite being wounded and managed to reach Clan Ground just in time to alert Ratha and the others.



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