False Bonechewer
Bonechewer by whisperpntr
False Bonechewer appeared to Ratha like the real one, but eyes are green and pelt is black (and disguised as copper with clay)
Species: Dinaelurus illumina sapiens

(Named cross)

Gender: Male
Pelt Color: black (appeared copper)
Current: Un-Named
Past: Un-Named
Current: Leader of a group of Un-Named
Past: Loner (?)
Members: Ratha (mother), Bonechewer (father), Thistle-chaser (sister), Night-who-eats-stars(probably) (brother), another brother.
Book Appearances: Bonechewer's Legacy
Status: Alive

The character known as "false Bonechewer" appears in the short novel Bonechewer's Legacy. At first a mysterious character, believed to be Bonechewer himself, he's later revealed to be an antagonist.

Appearances Edit

At first he appeared exactly as Bonechewer to Ratha. Later is revealed that he faked his features, covering with clay. His true pelt is black and he has light green eyes. He broke one of his own fangs to make more convincing his deception.

History Edit

For most of the short story, Ratha thinks she's dealing with a survived Bonechewer. Actually the false Bonechewer staged the whole meeting just to capture Ratha and make her suffer for some reasons.

The full motivation of his actions (as his real name) are never revealed: he escape just after having revealed to have suffered and to keep hatred for the Named and for Ratha.

Revelations Edit

Ratha think the mysterious male could actually be one of her lost son: exactly as Thistle-chaser, the black male hate Ratha because she abandoned the cubs with their father. Differently from Thistle-chaser, he appears to have been consumed by the pain at the point of make everything for revenge.

Trivia Edit

If Night-who-eats-stars will be confirmed to be another lost son of Ratha, this will make 2 of the 3 male cubs that inherited an uncommon black pelt (probably after the mysterious father of Bonechewer).

A small continuity mistake could have been made for the yet-finished Ratha official graphic novel, because preview sketch show just one of the 4 cubs of the litter to have black pelt.

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