A Mammut diorama at Michigan Museum of Natural History.

Face-tails are huge, hairy herbivores with large, white tusks and long, dexterous trunks. They're usually hunted by the Face-tail Hunter Tribe.

The People of the Named attempted to find a way to capture and tame the huge, formidable animals, but eventually such plan was abandoned. Later however, they managed to start working with calves obtained thanks the help of the Hunters.

The first time they were mentioned was in Ratha and Thistle-chaser when one of Ratha's souts when looking for water and more animals came upon a herd of Face-Tails. 

Real LifeEdit

Face-tails are based on the Mammut, or American Mastodon. They were more closely related to modern elephants than to true mammoths, which were their contemporaries. The American species were slightly smaller and had straighter tusks. The American Mastodon has a browsing and grazing diet. During its time, the American Mastodon was extremely widespread.

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