"Although it lacked horns, the creature used it big head like a battering ram. The barrel bady and short legs made it look vulnerable and clumsy. Several of the herders had earned broken ribs by assuming it was." ~Narration in Ratha's Creature , page 16

Parahipdappleback tod by rathacat-d7hmktv

Dappleback's design for the graphic novel

The Dappleback Horse (or just dappleback) is a fictional species of equine of small size. They're one of the two species of animals that are commonly herded by the Clan of the Named, together the three-horns deer.

Dappleback horses are considered the most easy animals to be herded by the Clan, and calm beasts are often used for training the young herders (Ratha has been notoriously almost charged to death by a Three-horns deer when she was young).
Sizes redo by rathacat-d7mrwh5

(c)Lew Delport. Design of a Named, a Dappleback and a Threehorn. Clare Bell expressed support for this design.

Young named half-grown cubs are known to display rough plays of riding the dappleback: such games are usually challenges to stick on the dapplebacks' back as longer as possible without fall. Even if there is some danger of being wounded during the falls, the passion for such games made them popular.

The introduction of the treeling into the Clan life, brought to the discovery of arrange protections of skin to be tied on the sides and back of the horses: in this way the young riders can climb the dapplebacks causing less harm with the claws and the riders has more holds.

During the events of Ratha's Courage, Thistle-chaser experimented the use of a dappleback mare as a beast of burden, applying on her back treeling-made rudimentary baskets to carry food.

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