Clan Ground
Second edition cover
Author: Clare Bell
Publish Date: 1984
Identification: ISBN ###
Editions: Hardcover, paperback
More Info
Book Cover Gallery: Gallery
Allegiances: Allegiances
Preceding: Ratha's Creature
Succeeding: Ratha and Thistle-Chaser
"She rules the clan but for how long?"

Clan Ground is the second book in the Books of the Named series.


Because she has shown her mastery of the Red Tongue, Ratha now leads the Named. She oversees the Firekeepers, members of the clan with a special charge and the rituals, herding, and governance; but she often wonders if the power of fire has corrupted them all. When Orange-eyes, a politically astute newcomer, joins the clan, Ratha is forced to decide how she will keep control or if she wants to keep control of the clan at all.


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