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Species: Dinaelurus illumina sapiens (Named)
Gender: Female
Pelt Color: Unknown
Current: Named Clan
Past: Named Clan
Current: Firekeeper (?)
Past: -
Mated with:
Nyang, Khushi
unknown Named male
one litter
Book Appearances: Clan Ground, Ratha's Courage
Status: Alive
Chika is a very minor character in the series. She is daughter of Fessran and Cherfan along with her brothers, Nyang and Khushi.

Appearance Edit

Her description is unknown. However, Ratha described her scent as "flowery with a slight fruitiness of pride in her first litter".

History Edit

Clan Ground Edit

Chika first appears by name along with her brothers, Nyang and Khushi, when Ratha discovers that her mother, Fessran and the newcomer Shongshar were holding secret meetings and using somewhat harsh uses of the Red Tongue as a means of a "test of courage" to flush out and recruit potential Firekeepers to train. She was among the cubs first to flee during this test. She and Nyang are both supposed to be trained as Firekeepers, on a different path than their brother Khushi that ended up being a herder (despite that, Fessran at first forced Khushi into training as a Firekeeper).

Ratha and Thistle-chaser Edit

She's shortly mentioned by her mother Fessran (with a type mistake she's named "Chita").

Bonechewer's Legacy Edit

Chika appears briefly in the short story, attending Firebringers duties. Her name is however wrote "Chikka" (probably by mistake) and she's said to be daughter of Fessran and Mondir (instead Fessran and Cherfan).

Ratha's Courage Edit

Chika is seen again briefly at the beginning of the book, with the other females of the Clan close the nursery and she's said that even her smell made clear her pride for having birthed her first litter. However she's later not mentioned again in the novel but it's known that she lost no cubs (the only litters that are said to have suffered losses were the ones of Fessran, Bira and Drani). Even if not mentioned, she was captured with all the other females of the Clan by the New Singer renegades to be forcefully mated, luckily this plan was prevented at the last minute by the counter-attack of the Named males.

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