9780974560366 - Copia
from the book cover, on a Rumbler
Species: Dinaelurus illumina sapiens


Gender: Male
Pelt Color: Dun-colored
Current: Named Clan
Past: Named Clan
Current: Herder/Rumbler rider
Past: Herder
Book Appearances: Clan Ground, Ratha's Courage
Status: Alive
Bundi is a minor character in the series. He is the son of Cherfan and Drani and trains as a herder.


He has been described as dun-colored and still faintly spotted (probably due his younger age at the time), after the events of Clan Ground, he's noteworthy for showing large scars from neck to shoulder caused by the fire. He's been withdrawn and sullen because of his scars, and he even showed poor qualities as herder being clumsy and easily distracted. The arrival of Mishanti provided an huge mutual benefit between the scarred herder and the strange orphan raised by Thistle-chaser: the pair turned very close as brothers.


Ratha's CreatureEdit

Bundi is not mentioned in the first book, but he's later known to be one of the two cubs born by Cherfan and Drani: his brother Shongshar will be killed while still young by an Un-Named raid.

Clan Ground Edit

When Orange-eyes arrives to the Named, he rescues Bundi from an assualt of a lose three-horn and gain admiration from him and Ratha, later prompting Fessran to suggest to the Named to give the name of Cherfan's deceased cub's name, 'Shongshar', in exchanged since the Un-Named took what the stranger will serve to give back. The two developes a healthy relationship since then until he bribes Nyang to push him into a guard fire, severly burning the young herder. He is shunned by all in the Clan, except Shoman and Ratha, believing the incident to be an omen. He quickly lost self-confidence and cast himself in a shell.

Ratha's CourageEdit

Bundi play an important role in the book: he's been described has having still troubles and poor skills as herders. Being different from the others, brought him closer to Mishanti and the pair started to have been known for trouble-making. Bundi and Mishanti discovers the pair of orphaned rubmlers, naming them Grunt and Belch, and learn how to manage the pair gaining their affections (even if this cause a number of accidents, with the rumblers crushing some lairs, luckily uninhabited at the time). Being a young male, Bundi has been said to have been ready for the mating season but the following events will put the whole Clan in danger. He was among the other exiled males and it was only thanks the rumblers that could have been achieved the plan to defeat the New Singer's renegades and rescue the captured females of the Clan. Has been said that his role had gifted him credits and honors from the rest of the Clan, possibly casting away the loneliness of the scarred Named.



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