She is Deserving by Blytzkrieg - Copia
fanart made by Blytzkrieg
Species: Dinaelurus illumina sapiens


Gender: Male
Pelt Color: Unknown
Current: Named Clan
Past: Unknown
Current: Leader
Past: Unknown
Meoran, Yaran
Book Appearances: Mentioned in Ratha's Creature
Status: Deceased

Baire is a character mentioned in the series. He was the noteworthy clan leader before the tyrannical Meoran's reign and later Ratha's. Baire himself fathered Meoran and his brother Yaran (thus also being the grandfather of Ratha).

Appearance Edit

Description unknown.

History Edit

Ratha's Creature Edit

In Ratha's Creature, although he is never seen, he is mentioned several times throughout the book to have been the leader of the Named before Meoran's reign. Rational and kind, he is historically recognized in the clan for originally taming three-horned deer, which made an enormous help in the Named life herding adding an new kind of beasts to be tamed. He was also notorious for accepting Named of both genders to have the same rights and duties (as herding and fighting), while his son and successor Meoran despised the concept of female herders.

Quotes Edit

Currently none.

Trivia Edit

Coming soon!

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