Ashon s Discovery by GiverOfTheNewLaw - Copia
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Species: Dinaelurus illumina sapiens


Gender: Male
Pelt Color: blue-gray
Current: Named Clan
Past: Named Clan
Current: Herder
Past: -
Mother: Drani
Book Appearances: Ratha's Courage
Status: Alive
Ashon is a minor character in the series, one of the sons of Drani. In Ratha's Courage, he's an half-grown cub training as a Herder under Thakur's mentorship.


Ashon has spots fading into blue-gray with a darker stripe along his back. His background colour is blue-gray too and the fur is silken, except a black strip on the spines: he has also glowing silver tipping on face and feet and green-gold eyes. He's believed that will have a beautiful appearance as full grown adult male.


Ratha's CourageEdit

Ashon is introduced in Ratha's Courage practicing his lessons on a young face-tail while Thakur's class and clan leader Ratha watch. Although he had struggled, he eventually gains control over the mammoth and directs it back to its herd at the expense of being covered in mud and grass thrown on him from the face-tail. As Thakur and Thistle-chaser uses their treelings to make beast-riding hides for the dapplebacks, three-horns and stripers, Thakur asks him to use his teeth to help bore holes in the pelts along with other cubs acteing as hole punchers since their fangs were sharper than his claws. After the riding hide is finished and tied to a young mare's back, Thistle-chaser teases him to which he counters and volunteers to test ride it.

He's later involved into a riding contest against Mishanti. Ashon manage to remain on the dappleback for more time, but because of Mishanti was launched against a tree (and so he didn't fall directly "on ground") the result of the contest was disputed. This provided a small change in the rules of the game.

Ashon later contest once more against Mishanti during the display of the Clan's skills for the hunters of the True-of-voice tribe. This second match ends with a draw.

He took part in the following battles against the renegades of New Singer, fighting against larger opponents then himself. His mother Drani lost one of her cubs (of the new litter) during the crisis.

Ratha's IslandEdit

Ashon is said to be a young herder (implying that at least some time is passed from Ratha's Courage) and he's giving an help to Thakur teaching herding lessons at young cubs, while suddenly occurred the unexpected condor-eagle attack. Ashon obey Ratha's order to save a female cub rather than helping her to fight the condor-eagle but Ratha is captured by the ferocious bird.


-"Face-tail chaser scared of a dappleback?"

-"It's one thing herding beast. Riding them is another."

-Thisle-chaser teasing Ashon in Ratha's Courage, page 44

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